Julien Willm,
Certified Hypnotherapist

Hong Kong
(+852) 8193-1868
Canada +1 (709) 330-0642

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"I had a very positive and beneficial experience from my hypnotherapy sessions given by Mr. Willm. I was here to improve my ability to think smoothly when I'm speaking to others. This is something that had bothered me since over twenty years ago. With his therapy, I saw great improvement in my confidence level when I'm speaking. The change was remarkable. I also received additional benefits of reduced anxiety and increased ability to cope with stressful encounters. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience. I'm very grateful for the therapy that I received.”
Dr. Chan (USA)

"I have been a smoker for 35 years, and although I have given up several times, I always went back to it in times of stress (...) This year has been particularly stressful for my husband and myself (...) I attended a hypnosis session with Julien (...), and found it a very soothing and relaxing experience. I have been a non-smoker since that day (...)
I would heartily recommend Julien, and wish him every success."
Robyn W. (Hong Kong)

"It worked! I have taken 2 flights in the past month and several long car journeys and I seem to be ok.
Its like the problem never existed!! I can get on with my life normally and not worry about things all the time! 
Thank you so so much for your help!! Its really changed my life!"
Angela (Hong Kong)

"J’ai assisté à une séance d’hypnose avec vous il y a maintenant 2 mois pour arrêter de fumer.
Je souhaitais vous tenir informé que le traitement avait formidablement fonctionné sur moi. Malgré une grosse résistance à la tentation au départ, les effets de manque se sont considérablement dissipés depuis plus d’1 mois. Pas de trace de fatigue ou d’énervement particulier. Ni même d’un point de vu morphologique (pas de prise de poid...)
J’ai par ailleurs expérimenté de nombre difficultés professionnelles récemment, ainsi que des environnements plus propices à reprendre la cigarette (sorties, soirées…) mettant mon stress de fumeur à toute épreuve.
Cela me laisse donc penser que cette fois était « la bonne ».
J’espère que cette expérience profitera a d’autre.
Bonne continuation et surtout merci"
S.B. (Shanghai)


An open Mind

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Tuesday August 8, 2011

Spa healer:
Julien WILLM

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