Julien Willm,
Certified Hypnotherapist

Hong Kong
(+852) 8193-1868
Canada +1 (709) 330-0642

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While Hypnotherapy can help to address many issues, the following are the most common:

• Stress, anxiety

• Fear & phobias

• Emotional difficulties: depression, bereavement, guilt, anger, etc.

• Addiction/habit breaking: smoking, alcohol, nail biting, etc.

• Pain management

• Relief from certain medical conditions,
   e.g. skin disorders, IBS, asthma, insomnia, snorring...

• Relationship problems

• Sexual dysfunction

• Fertility and pregnancy

• Increase self-esteem & confidence

• Enhance performance (academic, athletic, work)

• Weight loss/management and eating disorders

• General health and well-being

Some common issues addressed with Regression Therapy:

• Disturbing thoughts, such as obsessions or repeated nightmares

• Any emotional problem
  such as fear, anger, guilt, sadness, loneliness, depression...

• Unexplainable physical symptoms
  (such as tension, pain, numbness, panic attacks...)

• Relationship issues

• Spiritual development block

• Any kind of repetitive/recurrent pattern/issue

Feel free to contact Julien to discuss in all confidentiality how he can help you!

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